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  • Subject ANN0002egz

    Essig database gives collection date as July 9, 1907. Should be 1967

  • Subject ANN0002e9s

    The label says L. Calif, which usually means Lower, or Baja Calif., but Essig database says Riverside county, USA. Any guidance?

  • Subject ANN0002dck

    Problem - label seems to give collection date of IX-15-1982 (date show in Essig database), but species determined 1981

  • Subject ANN0002bng

    In Essig database as collected Mar 11, 1934 - should be Nov. 11, 1941?

  • Subject ANN0002dkg

    One of 3 samples collected by W.D. McLellan at Westgard Pass listed in Essig database as collected 1958, ID'd by Gloyd 1954. Coll. 1953?

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