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Help on handwriting

  • Geek2 by Geek2

    Hello, does anyone have any idea what could be written on the handwritten note? Also, unless it is the Collector's name, this is the first note I've had without it, is it very common? (So far I've done maybe 20 notes only).

    Thanks in advance!


  • yann_l by yann_l

    Hi, all I can read is 3rd line. Something like "Nevadensis". Ho yes, Collector's name may miss from time to time.


  • biggsjrex by biggsjrex

    My best guess: Dialictus (?lictus) nevadensis Timb. det. (Cwfd.)


  • poboyski by poboyski scientist

    Good guess work! The handwritten label is the identification label which reads: Dialictus (Chlorolictus) nevadensis Timb. det. (Cwfd.). This species was "transferred" to another genus, Lasioglossum, and so the ending of the species name was changed for proper Latin grammar. The determination (det.) or identification was made by Timberlake (Timb.), whose handwriting was notoriously difficult to read. It was collected off of a plant (probably flower) of Clarkia williamsonii, but the collector's name is not given.