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Entering diacriticals and special characters

  • ghewson by ghewson

    I've just noticed the discussion under ANN00003ng about using Alt-codes to enter things like á, ¼ and ½. I've been using Unicode. I do hope we don't have a bunch of corrupted transcriptions, but I for one would like to know quickly if we do.

    Note that some labels, produced with a computer printer, have fractions written directly, not as 1/4, for instance, or ° and not a displaced o.


  • nosenabook by nosenabook

    In the Herbarium. I type out the degrees in Word and then "cut and paste" to the transcription field. The halves and quarters I type out without going for the smaller notation. (I do not even know what Unicode is, but that's a question for another time.) I try for precision but I don't work too hard at beauty because when the transcription is done, somebody has to go through and compare the specimen sheets to the database we are creating. Probably us again. That job will need several tags for labels, like "data obscured by plant" and "ink too faded to read" and "I can't read this $!%# handwriting!"

    In the meantime, I hope work is done on the interface we use. Even now, with 400,000 plus records and only 20% done, looks like some time could be spared to make the parts actually work correctly.


  • ghewson by ghewson in response to nosenabook's comment.

    I think it was rushed out before it was really ready (I'm not saying it had to be perfect), and I've a hunch that was due to funding.


  • nosenabook by nosenabook in response to ghewson's comment.

    I agree. I speculate on what effect the end of Spring Semester will have on the work behind the scenes.