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  • Subject ANN00049uo

    No #state & #county; assumed Louisana; Satsuma is in Livingston Parish; ref

  • Subject ANN0004h4d

    #date not stated on label but must be in 1978 since #collectorname is "Bio. 411 Fall 78"

  • Subject ANN0004h4d

    [2/2] TPL (tro-25527748) but is a synonym of Coleataenia longifolia ssp. rigidula per ITIS (TSN 529369)

  • Subject ANN0004h4d

    #scientist Panicum rigidulum var. rigidulum is an accepted name per plants.USDA (symbol PARIR) but is an unresolved name per [1/2]

  • Subject ANN0004gfr

    Ambiguous #date 6-5-1971 transcribed as June 5 1971

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