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  • Subject ANN0002msc

    You can use the numbers on the left to give us an idea of where on the page you're having trouble.

  • Subject ANN0002mli

    Is there anything I should do when text is underlined? I could surround it like this ...

    Also, lines 195-6 have odd lines on them.

  • Subject ANN0002mr2

    What about the dashes around the ditto marks on the line for batch 65? What do they mean and should I transcribe them as-is?

  • Subject ANN0002mia

    Oh, good tip. What do you mean about sides though? Do the Scientific Names for all of them and then the Locations?

  • Subject ANN0002mia

    Whew, first page completed! That took significantly longer than 15 minutes... 😉

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