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Calbug: Are there only bees, wasps and beetles loaded right now

  • Shiphrah by Shiphrah

    Hi Bonnie! I've been feeling pretty lonely in Calbug, so I'm very glad to see someone else who's involved. I also keep seeing bees, occasional beetles and dragonflies. There are a few moths, but no pretty colors. Oh well, I hope it all helps the science, which seems pretth important.


  • robgur by robgur scientist, admin

    Thanks to both @Shiprah and @Bonnie123! We really do appreciate the effort and even the less colorful ones still contain all this great information we need for biodiversity work. Hopefully we can do better sharing how your efforts fill in our knowledge about biodiversity --- literally, you are helping to close major knowledge gaps! Would be happy to chat more with you both about how much this work is valued and used.