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Seeing two different sheets in herbarium

  • ghewson by ghewson

    In the Florida State University Herbarium (I havent' tried with the other herbarium collections), if I enter the collection date entirely with the keyboard and not the mouse, and finally press the Return key, two different sheets are shown next. At first, the image looks normal, but when I try to move or resize it, I find there's a second image underneath the first, and it's this image which I can move and resize. The first image can't be moved or resized. Obviously I can't continue, because I don't know which image to transcribe.

    I see there's another bug to do with entering the collection date with the keyboard, but I haven't seen this bug described.

    I'm using Firefox 41.0.2 under Kubuntu.


  • Bonnie123 by Bonnie123

    I just had this happen to me while in the BRIT-Texas ones. I'm using Chrome. I know there is another post somewhere where volunteers were having this issue with both of the new Florida ones, but it also is happening in the new Texas one.

    UPDATE: I've had this happen twice already this morning.


  • md68135 by md68135 scientist

    Thanks for the detailed report. I am adding this to our bug tracking right away.