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Transcription Duplication Bug

  • jamac41 by jamac41

    Doing some transcribing today, I have noticed that there is a bug where I seem to be getting multiple pictures for one transcription.

    Area: Calbug Expeditions

    Process (repeatable on my end):

    1. I started transcribing records. When newly arrived at the site, transcribing works fine. However, the counter at the top right does not iterate.

    2. After I leave transcribing (via the 'power' button at the top left), visited my profile and returned, the first transcription seems to go fine.

    3. After I finish said record, the transcription counter on the top right iterates by 1. Further, on the next slide, a picture appears, but dragging reveals another picture below it (of a different record). There is also significant lag.

    4. Leaving again and checking my profile reveals that I have two transcriptions recorded on my profile, which is confirmed when I enter Calbug again.

    5. Going out and in again seems to multiply the effect. Doing so again visibly loads 3 pictures, and the previous transcription counts as 3 in my records.

    System: Firefox, Windows 7 Professional

    As a further note, user unluckytoad seems to have run into the same issue (see comment on image ANN0004log).


  • md68135 by md68135 scientist

    Thank you for this detailed report. I will make sure that it gets into our tracking system.


  • CharlesGardner by CharlesGardner

    Yep getting the same thing but is seems it just started tonight...I worked on this during the day and didnt have an issue. I am using windows 10 and Google chrome. If you try to move one the top one the bottom picture is the one that moves and once you let go of it, the page freezes


  • CyndyG by CyndyG

    I am having the same problem