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  • Subject ANN00057gw

    Issue seconded (as general bug). Possible workaround: fill in other info, fill in year, then use arrows to pick other two, then hit finish.

  • Subject ANN0002mv6

    As a quick note, Google says the first couple of Scientific names are mis-spelt (e.g. LepidOcolaptes Leucogaster).

  • Subject ANN00027g3

    Saticoy's apparently a town in Ventura county, Cal (ignore the random dot in the middle of the word). Also, I think the date is M-Y-D

  • Subject ANN00012i6

    A possible (joint) record for most collectors for a single bug?

  • Subject ANN0000agi

    However, there is (or was) a Seven Oaks in California - see,_California

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