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Ornithological collection - saving unfinnished work

  • xantipa by xantipa


    what is happening with my transcriptions if I cannot do the whole page in one session? There are a lot of lines to transcribe.
    There is necessary to insert redundant information for every line? I mean the first two columns (batch).



  • jamac41 by jamac41

    As far as I'm aware, it doesn't get saved at all if you don't finish, and it's not recommended that you hit the finish button without completing the page (at least, it isn't on comparable projects like Old Weather). The redundant information is necessary - there is a tool/fix to help with that in the pipeline, but the scientists are on record as saying they have the budget for about 2 hours coding a month, so it may not be for a little while. There are some pages where there are multiple sub-batches, so it's not quite trivial to automate them