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  • DZM by DZM admin

    Hey @Bonnie123 --

    I did just now see that the Herbarium records were completed, and you have my sincere and tremendous thanks!! I'm going to alert the science team as well; I'm sure that they will want to thank everyone as well. Fantastic work!!!

    Incidentally, DZM is just my initials, and what I go by here on Talk. The organization is Zooniverse. 😃

    Issue resolution can be tricky. I am definitely seeing all of the issues, and I believe that @robgur is reporting many of them as well! The thing is that our developer time is very limited, particularly for implementing new features, which many of the issue reports pertain to, rather than repairing existing features. We have some two dozen projects to maintain, and we're also building new ones, as well as a whole new project-hosting system, so we can really only do feature requests on very specific projects when the projects come up for revamps... as, for instance, Plankton Portal is right now, which is where attention is focused at the moment.

    I'm certainly hoping that we can get some time in the future to devote to adding some of the features that have been requested here, but simply due to the resources we have, in the short term, it's tough for us to attend to anything that isn't a classification-breaking emergency.

    Again, though, I will alert the science team, and see if they have a more in-depth response for you, as they have been in direct contact with our developers as well, specifically pertaining to the issues that have been posted here.

    Hope that helps to clarify a little... I'm going to message the team right now. Again, CONGRATS ON HERBARIUM!! 😃

    EDIT: Further note: I heard back from the science team. They are very busy today, and perhaps tomorrow, but they do intend to get back to you on the many questions, and also to do something to acknowledge Herbarium, so stay posted for that!!


  • DZM by DZM admin


    We really are trying hard to respond to all issues. I'm very sorry if there's something that we've missed out on.

    I cannot personally address any questions about how certain data should be inputted; those answers need to come from the science team. As I mentioned, they have having a very difficult couple of days, but should return in a little bit. There was also an ongoing effort to create a Frequently Asked Questions as well that Mr. Kevvy was working with Rob on, but I'm not sure what ended up happening there... ?

    Bug reports can be extremely difficult if only a single person is experiencing the issue and we are unable to replicate it on our end. We very frequently find that those issues are caused by someone's browser, browser cache, or browser extensions, which is why we first recommend that someone try classifying with a different browser, and we try to see if other people have the same problem. As for other issues, the developers are aware of everything that has been put into GitHub, and will address them when they can.

    I can try to put on some pressure to fix the biggest things, although, again, the pertinent devs are extremely busy at the moment. Are you still having the two-images-at-a-time issue, or has it resolved? Rob, is there an issue or two that might be reasonably quick to repair that would make a huge difference? I really can't promise anything, I'm afraid... There's really only one developer who knows how NfN works, and he's the busiest of all, so trying to get him to look at a dozen issues on this site is a bit of a daunting task. But I can try...


  • reddder by reddder

    Bonnie 123. Don't feel bad that you 'vented'. It is only a reflection of your interest and dedication to the project. Many people, myself included, have written similar letters because it always seemed that NFN was a poor relation in the Zooniverse family. Communications are always slow, blogs maybe once a month. Your description of the dismal volunteer ambience also resonated w/me. I have tens of thousands of transmissions on the various NFN projects, but I tend to drift in and out to other projects where the message traffic between citizen scientists and the Zoo Keepers are more lively. However, I always return to NFN because I am convinced of its lasting importance to the study of nature. As they used to say in the 60s: Keep on Trucking.


  • md68135 by md68135 scientist

    Hi @Bonnie123 @dmbrgn ,
    Please don't feel back about venting. We want to hear what you think and we do very much appreciate your efforts!

    As @DZM pointed out, we are not as good at keeping up as we want to be. I personally know that I should respond sooner and spend more time on the message board.

    I love what @dmbrgn said about a lasting importance and I believe this as well.