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Records not being counted?

  • DanielCeC by DanielCeC

    I've just started helping out and transcribed 5 records so far, but it doesn't seem to be recording my entries; it says 'thanks' and the count goes up at the side, but when I look on my profile it says 0 records completed and no badges either?!


  • j-walk by j-walk

    Many of us have experienced similar or identical issues. The researchers have said they continue to receive our information, whether the website profiles reflect that or not. Ideally, we could keep tabs on our personal contribution, but for now, I focus on a project's overall number count. (I'm working on Calbug and its numbers change steadily enough to give one a sense of accomplishment.)


  • sherrjo by sherrjo

    Yes I've now done a few hours work and it still shows as me doing nothing. 😦

    Not that it really matters but I guess the badges would be a fun addition.


  • sherrjo by sherrjo in response to sherrjo's comment.

    Seems to be working thanks guys


  • tmeconverse by tmeconverse

    My last three sessions have each begun with my having 4112 labels done in Herberium. After I've done 10 or 15 in each of them, the number goes up, but when I log back in, the total has returned to 4112. I don't mind not getting "credit" for doing them, but I'm concerned that the work I'm doing isn't being added to the database. Please advise.


  • robgur by robgur scientist, admin

    Thanks for pointing this out. We had made a big effort to get these issues resolved but we'll check in again and see if there is something we missed. Thanks for checking!


  • bumishness by bumishness admin in response to tmeconverse's comment.


    Sorry to hear about your troubles.

    What number is not updating for you? Is it within the transcription interface, or is it your profile page?


  • wreness by wreness

    I don't know if this would help anyone but after digging around on Regular User End stuff - look at these things if you're having issues:

    Chrome seems to work best out of IE, Firefox and Chrome. No matter what I ever did, IE would just not keep my numbers correctly. When I'd close the browser, it'd start all over. In fact when I signed in today, it said "0", and Chrome said "0" but when I signed in a second time, they last numbers were there.

    If you are using IE make sure Notes from Nature is allowed in your "trusted zone". You can do this (up on your menu bar) by going to Tools>Internet options>Security>Trusted SItes>sites>then click ADD (make sure that box that says "require server verification https for sites in this zone" is NOT that this site or any Zooniverse site can be added here) Then click close

    If you are using Chrome, go into Settings>content settings>Cookies (don't glaze over on me yet! Keep going!) Most have, by default, "keep local cookies until I quit my browser"
    SO click the Manage Exceptions tab button and enter and then "allow" This will allow this site to keep the cookies it needs to keep your records on a continuing basis.

    On Firefox - go to Tools>options>privacy tab and make sure "accept cookies from sites" is checked. If you don't want to accept cookies or use private browsing mode, then click that "exception" button and again, enter so that the cookies from here will be allowed.

    Now..if you're using a virus program (can't tell you specifics here because everyone's is different), find where you can allow or "whitelist" sites to let your virus program know the site is OK and it can interface with you. Add This allows the cookies and the interactions that might need to go on and which your virus software might see as an "intrusion" because as we all know, these virus programs find stuff that isn't there and doesn't find the stuff that is 😃

    I am the only person in the U.S. who does not own an iphone, or iWhatnot so I'm sorry I can't give any advice for iOS I don't know about Macs, either, though I secretly covet them and want one badly.

    Make sure you clear your cache! Reboot. Hope this helps, at least if it's something on "our" end with comp settings. Stay Calm and Transcribe On!