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Bug reports not keeping accurate counts - reposting

  • wreness by wreness

    Just reposting this issue which is still occuring since January....when doing Bug Reports the count is kept at the time but is not kept when you sign out. My count shows that I have done 74 reports when I have done hundreds and hundreds. Now that we have a "ribbon" page that keeps track of all of our accomplishments/tallies of our Zooniverse projects, this would be nice to get fixed finally. I have spent most all of my time on the Bugs yet my Ribbon shows I I am devoting most of my time in other areas of Zooniverse and racking up the #s there. I love my Bugs and have been hoping the count issue would get fixed. I know you folks are busy with other stuff, just sending you a reminder that it still isn't fixed. Thanks! 😃 Happy Bugging!


  • Silene by Silene

    I have the same problem as Wreness but in Ornithology. According to my profile I have only done 6 records. I have been transcribing 1 ledger page almost daily since the site started.


  • biggsjrex by biggsjrex

    For the past 24 hours or so, the transcriptions I've done for CalBug have not been added to my total. Sounds like the problem described above. I've had the same problem on other Zooniverse projects for the last 24 hours, so may be a system-wide problem.


  • EvaCB by EvaCB

    @Silene: I've noticed that when doing the Ornithology I have to click the "Next Ledger"-button for the record to be added to my profile. If I click "Discuss" or just close the application, it isn't added for some reason or other. Since you're apparently transcribing one page per day, this might be an issue.

    I've also got the same problem with the CalBug records, but only for the last day or two.