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Calbug query & suggestions

  • dullrider by dullrider


    Question first - If label has state but no county, I have been adding the county where it is obvious from other location details, Similarly, I have entered, where I can, the full name of a location, rather than the abbreviated form on the label.

    Is this OK? I don't want to waste time entering info that you will subsequently strip out because it does not replicate the label text exactly.


    1 pre-populate the second colllection date from the first date entered - this will normally save re-entering the month & year

    2 incorporate additional fields for regular extras such as "determined by" and "found on"

    Otherwise, interesting project and excellent interface - thanks


  • jamac41 by jamac41

    I believe what you are doing for the county is correct, as long as you can deduce it with little doubt. However, due to the greater possibility for discrepancies between how people expand the writing, location data should be transcribed WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get), i.e. exactly as written originally.

    On the point of your second suggestion, the project was like that originally (albeit without a general field for everything else), but that all got wrapped up into a general field as (as far as I'm aware) that info isn't considered part of the main goal of the transcribing, but just a useful extra (like the Notes section in Old Weather).

    I hope that helps.