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Clarify date instructions

  • smj by smj

    I was doing a page where order of date was not the same is described in instructions. While instructions say some pages may have a different order, they do not make clear whether to transcribe as recorded, or to transcribe in the "preferred" order (reordering). Please clarify.


  • darryluk by darryluk

    The 'standard' is the American format, Month/day/year.


  • ghewson by ghewson in response to darryluk's comment.

    I suspect smj is referring to the ornithological collection, where the instructions say "The order should be day-month-year, but might vary by page."

    In the entry fields, before you enter data, is light grey text saying "Day Collected", "Month Collected" and "Year Collected", so change the order of the fields on the hand-written page if necessary.

    Since the month field is free-form (as are the other two), I assume you can enter 08 or 8 or Aug, or whatever else it says on the page.