Notes From Nature Talk

I was in the middle of doing a bug when the screen went blank

  • emeraldbluetoo by emeraldbluetoo

    Is there a record of my bugs so I can find it and finish it?


  • ghewson by ghewson

    No, there's no way to go back to an earlier transcription. The final record won't be affected, though.


  • mkchicoine by mkchicoine

    Several times the program has closed out when I am in the middle of a transcription.


  • joanball by joanball scientist

    Sorry about that! Next time it happens, it would help if you could note any more details about variables possibly associated with the program closing... things like the browser you are using, the field you are working on, etc. That may help in figuring out what is going wrong, and we can let the developer know.