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Date page for Cal Bug

  • Dragonwalker by Dragonwalker

    This is more of a heads up that may be able to be fixed with code.
    I am pretty new to this so I hope that the errors are not too great, but when I enter the date collected, I type the day which brings up the date quickly and easily. Then I move to the year box an do the same rather than scrolling through the dates. This also works for the country by just typing United S very quickly and as long as you have not had the mouse pointer over the box at the time it accepts it.
    The issue was I went back to the date a few times and all the fields were blank and I would have to refill, did it carefully but still found that it was cleared if I went 'back'. I assumed that this must be a glitch so I would make sure I could see all the fields filled, click OK and then not go back again. About 10 or so records later I thought I had made a mistake with the day so backed up and there were all the date fields still full.

    What I think may have happened is the year did not stick those other times and therefore somehow made the date blank, however I got no warning like you do if you have not filled out the day or month.

    I am a little worried that the dates on some of mine have therefore not registered and am just using the dropdown box normally to ensure that it is now (but this is tedious).

    I think if the technical department could look into this and maybe ensure that if the year field has not registered properly there will either be a warning then, or at the end when you complete the record (as it does if you leave a collectors name out).



  • bumishness by bumishness admin

    Definitely incorrect behavior if the interface isn't saving the date for you!

    One way to double-check if the values have saved properly is by clicking the x/9 gray box just to the left of the "Next Record" button. This will bring up a list of all the fields and the values you entered in them. Note it only saves it after you progress to the next field.

    If you can reproduce the steps that cause the year to not properly register, I would love to hear it so I can get it fixed.


  • Dragonwalker by Dragonwalker

    Thank you. I found this useful and it has shown that the dates are there since I have purely been using the drop down box only. So unless it is updated to change then I will just keep doing it this way. Now if only we could go back to our previous record if we accidentally click before we have finished the notes (only done this twice but I hate to miss info out).


  • ghewson by ghewson in response to bumishness's comment.

    I've seen something like this in Herbarium. I might accidentally fill in the Scientific name field with the Location data, press Return to reach the Location field, and then realise my mistake. I click on 5/9 and go back to the Scientific name field, copy the text to my clipboard, click on 4/9 and go to Location, paste the data there and press Return, click 6/9 and go back to Scientific name and enter the correct data, and press Return. I'm now in the Location field, where I'd pasted the data, but it's blank. If I click on 5/9, though, I can see the Location data in the popup (in fact, it was visible earlier when I clicked on 6/9).