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date functionality does not work

  • Caecillius by Caecillius

    I have tried transcribing two Bugs now but every time I try to enter a date it is not accepted. On another note, being european I do not know if 11-2-1985 is 11th February 1985 or 2nd November 1985. I would put 11 February coming form Europe.

    I will start re-classifying once the bug has been fixed.


  • ghewson by ghewson

    In what way is it not accepted? Start at the beginning. What do you see if you click on the Month field, for example?

    If the bug was collected in the US, it's very likely to be month-day-year order. Entomologists use Roman numerals for the month, though. Are you sure that was 11 and not II?