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History in Transcriber's Life does not match total number transcribed

  • ibclc2 by ibclc2

    On the right side of the screen it says 151 records transcribed, but on the left, Transcriber's Life, it only adds up to 16 records transcribed over several days. An obvious discrepancy. The Transcriber's Life track record should add up to the correct total and indicate the entire history of work done.


  • ghewson by ghewson in response to ibclc2's comment.

    Transcriber's Life s seems to be just for Herbarium transcriptions, but even so, you're right, it doesn't bear much resemblance to reality.


  • reddder by reddder in response to ghewson's comment.

    there's no resemblance to reality in the statistics, bu the real question is: is everything we do go down the drain w/the stats. mgtmt refuses to answer mine and others' questions about what happens to our work, so i am very reluctant to 'pour more down a hole'. the fact that they don't respond demonstrates disrespect, a tacit admission that the system is FUBAR or both. this is a shame because i enjoyed participating in the project. however, there are many other zooniverse projects in which i participate which lack these problems.


  • stewjack by stewjack

    My experience as a Calbug transcriber has been, that once I log into my account, my first transcription (AKA classification ) is registered, but not my second or third,. I have to log out and back in to get the numbers to update.


  • nosenabook by nosenabook in response to dmbrgn's comment.

    I doubt that the work is lost because of the way the overall stats increase. A few days ago, the homepage showed 17% complete, now it's 21 or 22%. One percentage point is large with such a huge number of records.

    If records ARE lost, it isn't our problem. We volunteers aren't the ones who want the information. I decided I could live with the uncertainty. Otherwise I would do as you have very properly done, and work elsewhere.

    I, too, am sorry that the charming Transcribers Life doesn't work as planned. It would be a satisfaction to have a day-to-day record of my work. As it is, my timeline shows maybe a dozen transcriptions, while the total to the right is nearly 600.

    If I had no total, I would be much less motivated, a thing for the Powers That Be to take note of. Volunteers need something to show for the work they do. In person, we'd at least have papers to move from one pile to another. Online it can feel like the information is flung heedless into the void.


  • Pict by Pict

    Not only that, but the more detailed herbarium view keeps claiming Ive done transcriptions Ive never done. I havent done any herbarium for a long time now, but it still pops up with, for example "you transcribed 2 records x minutes ago". Whats up with that?


  • ghewson by ghewson in response to Pict's comment.

    Maybe I got your "transactions", because at the top of my timeline, despite the work I've done in the last two days, it says that two days ago I transcribed 0 items.


  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver

    I've begun to wonder if most of my transcriptions are lost because I seldom use the 'power button' icon at the top of the specimens page. After my transcribing sessions, I usually visit the discussions rather than hitting that 'power button.' idunno.

    The stats are a little disappointing since they are so inaccurate! 😉 But we don't really have too much to complain about since this is mainly a service we are free to stop giving at any time. In other words, we don't even have to give two weeks notice! And they still pay us for any work we've done! LOL!


  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver in response to xairbusdriver's comment.

    Using the 'power button' doesn't seem to matter. Did over 20 specimens yesterday and the total transcriptions increased by two. Why both displaying anything if the numbers are so wrong? Idunno...


  • reddder by reddder in response to stewjack's comment.

    Based on my observations, I agree w/yr assessment. The system seems to 'kick you out' after each entry.


  • reddder by reddder in response to nosenabook's comment.

    I appreciate your response. It really sums up the situation,


  • arfon by arfon in response to dmbrgn's comment.

    I can confirm the records are definitely saving. We've just got some issues with the numbers updating in real time. This is one of the thing we're planning on fixing up this week.



  • nosenabook by nosenabook



  • reddder by reddder in response to arfon's comment.

    Many Thanks for str8ening this out. Now I can spend a little less time on gravitational lenses and a lot more on cal bug.