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thanks for the #scientist feedback @Austinmast

  • am.zooni by am.zooni

    Hi @Austinmast. Thanks for the feedback today on some of my and others' object comments. It's always helpful to have some feedback from a #scientist. Sometimes you wonder if anyone will ever read the comments...

    When I first found NfN (earlier in 2015), the images were mostly from Florida. I think it was FSU, but my recall isn't certain. That batch was completed, and after a short break, we now have a batch from SELU in Louisiana (with a few specimens from other places, include some late 40s - early 50s Florida ones from H. R. Wilson who I saw a lot in the Florida batch).

    I do post an awful lot of comments, but I feel that whenever I make a judgement call, I should note it. Also, as I've been working on the Herbarium label transcriptions over several months, I've come to be fascinated by the tangle of sometimes-conflicting info there is about the name of a given plant, and generally post a comment with links when I find disagreement on different sites. I figure, it doesn't hurt (my comments can easily be ignored) but might save someone time by giving them a jump-start if they look into a label I've transcribed.