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County in Countries Other Than USA

  • geckzilla by geckzilla

    I have been very confused about what to write for "County" when I have a location in Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia, Canada, etc. No other country seems to name the secondary area divisions as "county" and even though the province seems divided in a similar way, such as municipalities, I have found it near impossible to find a map of those municipalities which is easy to line up with the location. I'm guessing since that is so difficult that even if I did go to all the trouble to find the municipality name, it wouldn't help much in geolocating the specimen later? I'm not sure.

    I have either put the province name in county field or, more recently, been writing "not sure" in the field. What are the rest of you doing? Agonizing over the details or just something similar to what I've been doing? Or is there an easy way I haven't discovered?


  • SandersClan by SandersClan

    For Canada and Mexico I've been including the area divisions as part of location and leaving County blank. Would love to hear what everyone's doing, though.


  • jamac41 by jamac41

    Mexico does have both states and municipalities, and most labels in CalBug seem to have the location as "x miles from [municipality capital]", so when said distance is small compared to the municipality's area (if I can find it), I've added the municipality as the county. Obviously, if it's something like 40 miles, it's ambiguous, so I leave it blank in that case.


  • nosenabook by nosenabook

    When I can find the names, I include them. When there's a strong to reasonable doubt, I don't include them.


  • mkchicoine by mkchicoine

    For Mexico and Costa Rica I have been leaving the county blank. If the label says, "x miles from ____" I just add all that in the locality section, until otherwise notified.


  • gc9 by gc9

    A county is called a Canton in Costa RIca.
    In Ontario, Canada there are Districts.