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Too many things

  • Davena_Sharpe by Davena_Sharpe

    I'm not sure how to classify this as it has three separate specimens and tags on one sheet.


  • ghewson by ghewson

    Well, as the label says, the specimens were taken from one plant. The note from 1989 isn't really relevant, and the main label doesn't have the scientific author. Taking the scientific author from R. C. Clark's determination, then, I'd put "(Michaux) Torrey var. ambigua". The discussion of ANN00003j5 mentions the variety.


  • nosenabook by nosenabook

    I've been staying with the information on the original label, just to be consistent with myself. I've also noticed that the less information on the original label, the fewer additional labels there are!


  • shsentoff by shsentoff

    For this case, where there have been updated determinations of the Scientific Name, I've always been taking the most recent determination, figuring that it's the one that is most likely to be the current name in use, and also that if it's been changed, it was changed for a reason.