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Unusual note, what does it mean?

  • ElliElliot by ElliElliot

    "Voucher for Houk's special problem"? What's that all about?


  • nosenabook by nosenabook in response to ElliElliot's comment.

    No help here, but I saw one of those as well. I figured Houk was writing a paper.


  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver

    Has made me wonder, also. It could have been a health issue which wouldn't be allowed to be mentioned in our supper PC era! Or it might simply be that Mr/ Houk didn't speak excellent English. Or something as mundane as his not having a car! The solution might be to see if there are references to him 'in the literature.' Unfortunately, Mr. Godfrey is no longer available for comments. He would be approximately 101 years old, if he were still around. 😉


  • kosmala by kosmala

    I did a Google Scholar search for papers RD Houk wrote between 1961 and 1971 (assuming he figured out his problem within ten years!) There's only one and it's about Azolla caroliniana, not this plant. But it appears that Houk was a taxonomist and so his problem would probably have been something like trying to figure out the definitive characteristics of a closely related species or pinning down exactly what made this plant different from a very similar one.


  • robgur by robgur scientist, admin

    good detective work. I made a much more half-hearted attempt at this and didnt figure anything out. I think your hypothesis makes a ton of sense.