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Image ANN0004bsn discussion of name Oxylepis filiformis

  • am.zooni by am.zooni

    #scientist Possible #error in scientific name. A puzzle which was fun to explore but which I'm not equipped to solve. Here's what I found:

    I transcribed Oxylepis filiformis. Full name on label is Oxylepis filiformis (Walt.) Britt. Common name on label is leafless cowbane.

    Oxylepis filiformis not found on TPL or ITIS or EOL or general online search (using DuckDuckGo). Leafless cowbane not found on ITIS or EOL.

    The only Oxlepis on TPL is Oxylepis lanata Benth. (gcc-18969), synonym of Helenium integrifolium (Kunth) Benth. & Hook.f. ex Hemsl.

    Search turned up one result for 'leafless cowbane' with the scientific name on the label at (Jefferson Davis Community College, Brewton, Alabama).

    For Oxylepis filiformis, EOL suggests 'do you mean?' Oxytropis filiformis, Oxypolis filiformis, Oxalis filiformis and others. Based on photos found in online searches and an utter lack of botanical education, I'd say the only one in that list that might be the same plant is Oxypolis filiformis.

    Oxypolis filiformis (Walter) Britton is an accepted name per TPL (tro-1700960) and ITIS (TSN 29547). Common name is water cowbane.


  • Mr._Kevvy by Mr._Kevvy

    It's supposed to be Oxypolis filiformis TSN 29547/tro-1700960; after writing this of course I see you put that in the last line. :^)

    I'd flag it as an #error if you see it again (or I do... not that i get much a of a chance to transcribe anymore.)