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How to do Favorites & Collections in NFN

  • Bonnie123 by Bonnie123

    I seem to not know how to mark something as a favorite in NFN, I do not appear to be able to find the favorite (heart) button. I also would like to start a Collection but since I never did that in the past I do not appear to know how to set one up. Any help from anyone who knows how to do either would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!


  • am.zooni by am.zooni

    I don't see a way to 'favorite' either, but I can tell you how to start a collection. If you see an image you want to collect under 'recent...', click on it to open it. Or if you want to collect an image from the transcription window, click on 'discuss'. A rectangle should appear in the upper left corner of the image that says 'collect'. (If you don't see it, hover the mouse over that corner and it will appear.) Click on 'collect' and a list of your collections will appear below the word 'collect', and at the bottom of the list 'start a new collection'. If you already have collections, you can add the image to one of them, or if you start a new one, a window pops up for you to enter the collection's name and (if you want to) a description.


  • Bonnie123 by Bonnie123 in response to am.zooni's comment.

    Thank you so much! you are the best! Excellent instructions! Thanks again!