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"Discuss" tag or flag

  • El_Lion by El_Lion

    I was wondering, if one adds comments on the herbarium pages by clicking on the "discuss" link, is there some sort of a "tag" or "flag" added to the page which will make the experts look into it eventually? Or is the page just showing up in the "recent" discussion forum and comments other than a call for help for an immediate transcription problem of that specific page are useless?


  • HelenBennett57 by HelenBennett57

    I know that at least some comments are being worked through systematically; but I'm not aware of what is being done with them.


  • Laxyr by Laxyr

    During the last batch of images scientists used to come here to look at the comments and give answers if they could. This time around they seem to be occupied with other stuff. Since I don't think that discussions are automatically flagged I always stick a tag on a post I make (like #error, #handwriting or #unclear). I guess they will eventually go through those tags.