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A heads-up about the Zooniverse home page and platform

  • DZM by DZM admin

    Hey Zooniverse folks,

    Just a heads-up that, as of today, the Zooniverse home page has shifted over to a new design that supports our new project platform.

    You may notice a few differences; for instance, a username change may be required to access projects on the new platform if you have a space or symbol in your username. The new profile pages also may be missing some elements for a while (a week or more, even), but don’t worry: your stats and classification counts have been preserved, and they are migrating and coming back!

    Please note that all current Zooniverse projects and Talks will be unaffected and should continue to operate just as they have. This will not affect this project you are currently on!

    The new Talk system is also attached to the new home page, and feedback will be very important in how we may move forward with it. There is also now a central Zooniverse Talk where we hope that people from all projects will be able to mingle and discuss common topics—like, for instance, all of these changes and updates!

    Finally, there is now post from Chris Lintott on the Zooniverse Blog explaining these changes in more detail.

    Any questions or feedback, please chime in on the Zooniverse Talk. See you there!

    Onwards and upwards,



  • am.zooni by am.zooni

    No symbols in user IDs? Bah! So if I change my user ID at zooniverse (it won't let me log in there now as my ID includes a symbol), will it also change my ID to sign in here, or do I have to use different IDs for the two sites? I see some confused/complaining messages on the zooniverse troubleshooting talk board about signin problems after changing IDs, so I think I'll hold off to let the bugs shake out, so long as I can continue using my old ID here.

    The new zooniverse homepage looks like it's not ready for prime time. For example, a number of projects have generic icons. It would be helpful to use an icon or bright vs. grayed-out or something to indicate which projects are currently live. Or at least sort the live ones to the top in the default view. (I would post this on the 'new homepage' message board at zooniverse but I can't comment there until I change my user ID. Sigh.)

    Grumble grumble whine whine.


  • DZM by DZM admin in response to am.zooni's comment.

    A lot of improvements are going on! And you shouldn't have any issues logging in at both places, although I understand if you want to wait. We did have some migration issues with a few user names. If you'd like, try in the middle of next week when login issues should be 100% sorted. (I'd hate for something to go wrong before the weekend, when I can't help!)

    The home page is going to be getting more improvements, starting with project sorting to show project type and status. Stay tuned!


  • am.zooni by am.zooni

    Waddaya mean? You guys don't work on weekends 😉

    Thanks for the update. Since this is the only project I'm working on for now, there's no need to me to rush to change my ID. I'll get to it one day fairly soon.