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Possibility of zoom?

  • loremistress by loremistress

    Is there any way we can zoom in? I can see a label which probably has the rest of the relevant information, but it's just too tiny for me to make out the words.


  • DZM by DZM admin

    You mean the little tag above "Libellula"? (Which looks like "Libeilula", but that's probably just a hole in the letter.)

    I've zoomed in as far as I can go, using my browser's own zooming (command and +), and it's still illegible to me. I think the scan quality on this object just might not be high enough to ID what that thing says. Maybe others are better at reading smudged text... ?


  • robgur by robgur scientist, admin

    We do want to get zoom features set in the interface soon!