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New here and need some help please

  • martinlever by martinlever

    Just to clarify, I'm in Southern Mozambique and on a dial-up connection, so watching the Youtube tutorial is just not a possibility.

    So, I was doing my 1st batch in Notes from Nature and as I progress down the list, I see a Green line above the record I'm capturing (all good I guess) and some Red lines above those !!! Have I done something wrong and need to redo, or should I just proceed as normal?

    Many Thanks


  • wreness by wreness

    Hi Martin! Those lines are just there for you to try to keep track of what you already entered and what you need to do yet. The green line, ideally, is at or under the line you are typing up at the moment (you can move this out of the way or anywhere you want to your cursor on it and drag it where you want to place it.) when you click the "new line" button, it will jump to the next line, leaving a red line in its old place. The hope is that the line really is a line-space apart but the placement of the ledger in the photos isn't always exactly perfect. I found it gets annoying so I often move the line all over the place or put it on the line I'm working on if I get up for a bit and wander off. (I mostly keep notes on a blank "wordpad" screen so I can copy and paste duplicates).

    The line doesn't have any effect on what you're typing or doing or how the data is going in, it's just there to assist you in any way if you'd like it to. Hope that helps?


  • martinlever by martinlever

    It does indeed, and thanks very much for replying. It's the answer I was hoping for.

    It was just the association of the colour Red that got me. Could mean 'beware', 'error', but glad in this context it doesn't.

    Great, now I get onto capturing some more data



  • reddder by reddder

    Glad to have you on board. I congratulate your determination to get thru to the org.