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How to transcribe lat/long locations?

  • SarahtheEntwife by SarahtheEntwife

    Is there a preferred convention for transcribing the degree sign for when the ledger has latitude/longitude instead of a place name? I've been using a lowercase o, but that looks kind of weird. Will the thing accept diacritics?


  • darryluk by darryluk

    If you are in Windows you need , hold down alt and type 0176 you then get ° on a Mac shift+option+8 will do the same. Or you can just type degrees 😃


  • astroboyOW by astroboyOW

    Or you can open Windows' Character Map, find the degree symbol, and copy and paste it into a .doc. Then it will be there whenever you need it. I have a doc with a bunch of little-used symbols like that, from when I worked on Old Weather, and it's come in handy ever since.