Notes From Nature Talk

Can you put the most common countries in the collections at the top of the list?

  • Cborkent by Cborkent

    It would certainly help speed up the process (i.e. USA at the top)




  • darryluk by darryluk

    This is an old argument Chris! they were 'looking into it' last time it was brought up. There is an issue with people from different countries working on this, finding alphabetic the easiest way. Good to have you on board!


  • kadi by kadi

    You can also use the keyboard for the entries. Just hit the "U" key 6 times for United States...then [Enter]. In the States' list North Carolina is 7 strokes of the "N" key, Virginia is 2 strokes on "V". Works for counties, too, of course. Saves much time and scrolling with mouse and keeps your hands on the keyboard.

    You can use this method with dates as well...the numeric keypad is easiest. Just remember to [TAB] between month, day, year as [Enter] will complete the record!