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interpreting dates

  • Cborkent by Cborkent

    You may want to add the following to your help text on dates for insects (or something similar), as other countries do not list date as month-day-year.
    "The convention for dates on labels in entomology is the format 'month-day-year'. Usually the month is given in Roman numerals (i.e. V-12-1915). If the date is given only in ambiguous Arabic numerals (i.e. 5-12-1915) please assume that the first number is the month and the second the date"




  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver

    I think this is even more important since they moved "United States" to near the bottom of the Countries list.
    WARNING : Personal opinion ahead!: Apparently, they feel a very large number of participants live outside the USoA. :rolleyes: It now takes several several typed characters and/or down arrow presses to get the country in 99.5% of the specimens I've seen. OTOH, the site is 'politically correct!' instead of easy to use. :wallbash: