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Hard to decipher

  • njanelle by njanelle

    This says it's from Princess Anne County, but there doesn't appear to be that choice on the options. Also, there's some writing on the top that I can't decipher from 1981. And is BSP the initials of the person who discovered this or is it the (L)?


  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver

    There have probably been more changes in 'counties' in Virginia than any of the other original colonies. Many were simply huge when first established so they were split into other, new counties. Many actually became "Cities." You can Google "Princess Anne County" and find some interesting history at Wiki links. Rather than skipping the field, there is an "unknown county" choice. 😉 Most of these type specimens are quite old and some 'new' counties were not formed until the 1980's! 😃


  • ghewson by ghewson in response to njanelle's comment.

    That's an old county: see the Wikipedia article. I'd be inclined to leave the County field blank and put Princess Anne County in the Location field.

    You can ignore that writing from 1981. No-one here knows for sure what it means, anyway!

    L means Carl Linnaeus, and you'll see that a lot. The parentheses indicate that although he was the first to classify the species, he gave it a different name, and BSP named it as written. You should write both, i.e., "(L) BSP".

    I don't know who BSP was/is; I don't see them in the extensive list on Wikipedia.