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Bad handwriting

  • ghewson by ghewson

    I can't read the species name. Erythronium amer-something (doesn't look like americanum). Author Ter. ?

    Local name - is this the name of the species as known locally, or the local place name?

    Looks like "Norfolk Co." written with a different pen, but there's no such county. Norfolk City is a county in its own right, but the second word doesn't look like "City", or an abbreviation.

    What's that at the bottom? "2 stations (1000's)."? Stations doesn't make sense if it's a description of the abundance.


  • T1M2000 by T1M2000

    I got this one too and I skipped it. I'm not able to provide any safe information from this label.

    By skipping I hope biologists/ native english speakers/ handwriting specialists get so see this image 😃


  • okopho by okopho in response to ghewson's comment.

    Adder's Tongue is a common name for several species of Erythronium, one of which is E. americanum (Ker-Gawl). The species name seems to be quite often misspelled as "americanium".

    Norfolk is an independant city - which means it doesn't belong to any county at all. Norfolk County existed up until 1963, after which it became part of the independant city of Chesapeake (which is a few miles south of Norfolk).

    My two dictionaries include the following meanings for the word "station":

    • Biology. the type of habitat occupied by a particular animal or plant (Collins, 1982)
    • a habitat; an actual spot where a species has been found (Chambers, 1994)

    So "2 stations (1000's)" could be interpreted as meaning that several thousand of the species where found in two places at the given locality.