Notes From Nature Talk

A few questions

  • lferfga by lferfga

    1. If the date is written as, for example, 9/3/1956, should we assume it was written as month/day/year, or is it better to be safe and leave it blank?

    2. We get a lot of items from Mexico, is their concept of Municipality the same thing as a county?

    3. For localities such as "2 mi. E of hwy." are we supposed to transcribe it as is, or to write it out "2 miles east of highway"? I've been doing the former, as I think it's safer than mistaking an abbreviation.


  • okopho by okopho

    My 0.02 euros:

    1. If it's from an American collection, I usually assume month, day, year order.
    2. I've now settled on the approach of only ever entering the state/county (or equivalent) if it's on the label. (It's pretty rare to see Mexican municipalities, possibly because they usually have the same name as the main town or city).
    3. I almost always transcribe things exactly as they are written. I sometimes correct trivial typos if they are completely clear and unambiguous.