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What do I do when the label goes the width of the label, and cannot all be read in order to answer the questions?

  • Janet_Jaguar by Janet_Jaguar

    This is the second sample I tried, and I was unable to see the scientific name after starting far enough left to clearly read the county.


  • areinders by areinders in response to Janet Jaguar's comment.

    If you can't see all of the information you can start by filling in those fields that you can (skip the others for now). Then close the image by clicking on the little x in the upper right corner. Chose the next part of the label that you want to see. Don't worry, the information that you entered before will still be there. You can hit OK for those fields that you already filled and continue filling those that you previously skipped until you have it all.


  • riskingraisin by riskingraisin

    Good to know.


  • thala by thala

    Also, if you click the button that says 3/10 (or 4/10, 6/10 etc) it will give you a list of all the fields, and you can skip directly between them from there. Just be sure that if you're flipping around and editing/adding that you leave something simple unfilled until you're done (like the date) so that you don't get inadvertently pushed to the next record. There was one that I wanted to add more to the description/habitat box but got closed out because I'd put something in all the fields already, and the program assumed I was done. Lesson learned!