Notes From Nature Talk

Label recognition

  • kmc2911 by kmc2911

    I can't see a label on this specimen. Do I use the barcode?


  • ghewson by ghewson

    Maybe the label fell off. I wouldn't use the barcode. I've tagged the image now (#error seemed appropriate).


  • Austinmast by Austinmast

    This sometimes happens because the collector made a temporary note on the sheet (a note that would eventually be covered be the label), then forgot to attach the label. Once we know we have a set of these (because the data coming in is incomplete), we at the FSU herbarium will search the database for the specimens that Godfrey collected with a collection number on each side of this one (+1, -1). If they are both from the same place on the same date, then we can infer some information. That doesn't solve the mystery for this Notes from Nature activity, though. If interested, the search page for the FSU database is at