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can't sign in to Notes from Nature

  • am.zooni by am.zooni

    I can't sign in to Notes from Nature! All was normal Monday morning (17 Aug) but Monday evening and continuing into Tuesday, I can't sign in. After entering my ID and password and pressing enter or the sign in button, the sign in popup window just sits there.

    If I go to transcribe, I don't get any images. My ID does not appear in the upper right corner next to a 'sign out' button, as normally happens. Coming here to the discussion boards, my ID doesn't appear in the upper right but 'sign out' does, so I am hoping I will be able to post this message.

    If I open Snapshot Serengetti or Chicago Wildlife Watch, the screen does show my user ID and that I am signed in, and allows me to sign out. I think this means that the NfN signin process is creating the cookies it uses to know that I am signed in, and something goes wrong after that stage of the process.

    Another odd thing: ever since the changes to Zooniverse that require user IDs without symbols (I have a symbol and haven't changed my ID yet, using only NfN), I was able to read the Zooniverse discussion boards (but not post there). Monday evening after I first had this sign in problem, I read a thread on the Zoonivere Troubleshooting board from someone else who was having the same problem, unable to sign in to NfN. But as of Tuesday morning, I can see the names of all the Zooniverse discussion groups with message counts, etc., but I am no longer able to read the actual messages. Unfortunate, because I was hoping to see a status update about this problem.

    For what it's worth, I am using Firefox 39.0.3 on Windows 7 Home Premium. (The other person who reported at Zoonivers that s/he couldn't sign in was using Chrome.)


  • am.zooni by am.zooni

    Interesting - NfN did allow me to post the above problem report, and it shows that my user ID posted it - so clearly it DOES know that I'm signed in. Similarly, 'profile' and 'following' correctly show my data.

    But I still can't transcribe - don't get an image. Pressing 'return to classifying' from any of the NfN 'talk' areas goes to the screen listing the 5 collections. If I click on any of them and then press 'start transcribing', it takes me to a generic NfN page describing zooniverse - see screenshot. Note that in the top right corner it says 'sign in' as it normally does when you are NOT signed in - but a little below that on the right, it shows my user ID as it normally does when you ARE signed in. Very strange.

    enter image description here


  • DZM by DZM admin

    I think all should be fixed now!

    We messed something up, but I think it should be good now.


  • am.zooni by am.zooni

    Hurray! I was so happy just now when I tried signing in and it acted normally! This herbarium label transcribing business is strangely addictive, at least for a certain type of personality, like mine, so I'm very glad to be back online. How do we get more people to discover it?

    (Also fixed is the lesser problem that wasn't allowing me to read threads on Zooniverse boards earlier today. Now I just have to bite the bullet and change my user ID so I can post messages there.)

    I also learn new things and expand my vocabulary (lots of habitat words like 'batture'). And I'll never look at weeds quite the same way again. There's more to them than just being pests. When I walk outdoors I used to focus mostly on trees, but now I find myself noticing the variety of weeds in an unmowed lawn or on the roadside, and even occasionally wondering if I recognize a live version of a plant I've seen here. (I have definitely seen familiar trees in the herbarium collections).

    Thank you and the programmers (and everyone) who worked on this (they never get the credit they deserve so please pass it on - I used to be one so I know!)