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User Interface positivity

  • HelenBennett57 by HelenBennett57

    Here's an idea - what are positive things about the user interface in each project? I'd like to make this feedback available to Rafe and to the science team, and it would be a shame to lose things we like in an upgrade 😃

    Here's my tuppenceworth of favourite features.


    • Zoom and pan

    • "Discuss" link always available

    • A record can be fully finished in just a few minutes (great for stray scraps of work time)


    • Ability to see and edit your previous transcriptions within the same page

    • See previous fields from the current line while you work, with no further effort

    • High-resolution images

    • Lines on ledger pages, red and green highlighting, ability to move lines

    • Skip/enter an entire row blank with one keystroke - very handy and quick for when dates have been omitted (though see this thread we need guidance about what to enter when there is no date).

    • Keyboard shortcuts work very well alongside ClipX to speed up data entry.

    All projects

    • Field names and instructions generally clear

    • Keyboard shortcuts for most things (more please!)


  • md68135 by md68135 scientist in response to HelenBennett57's comment.

    Thank you @HelenBennett57! This is great!


  • Laxyr by Laxyr in response to md68135's comment.

    I don't want to highjack this thread but I feel since we are on the topic I might add my two-cents-worth 😉
    I'm only working the Herbarium at the moment so I don't have the full picture, but I too love the "Discuss" link. Being able to post about a problem you have with a specific item that easily is really helpful. One thing that has bothered me with it though is that you have to finish the transcription of a herbarium record right that instant or never. So waiting for a response is not really an option. If I have to abort a transcription and start a discussion about the item I feel I'm "only" leaving breadcrumbs for the people who get this very same picture after me. But they only see the discussion if they actively look for it.

    Thinking about this I spontaneously had two ideas for some features:

    • Being able to go back to previous transcriptions to correct an error would be great. Maybe a function to flag your own transcription as "incomplete" or "pending" until somebody gets back to you via the discussion you started.
    • Having a notification displayed in the trasncription interface when an item has a discussion entry so nobody misses out on any previously given information

    I don't know whether or not they could be implemented or if they agree with the project policies.

    Also, shortcuts are always great =)