Notes From Nature Talk

Wasting my time?

  • ethrbunny by ethrbunny

    I clicked on the page that should show how much progress I've made and was dismayed to find that it said '1 page'. I've done quite a few but now I think that effort was entirely wasted! If my work has been lost I will be sorely disappointed.


  • DZM by DZM admin

    Hey everyone,

    I'm hearing the discontent and difficulties right now. I really am.

    I'm going to put some specific effort right now into trying to figure out where we stand on this project, what we need to get done, what we can get done... I know that some things are a little messed up, and I'm sorry for that.

    I'm reaching out to try to get full accounting of what's going on with this project from the various parties involved, and figure out how we can move forward.


  • Mikerollem by Mikerollem

    I would still like to know: if a collected bug has been set up as a record on the Essig Database, is the latter then considered definitive and unchangeable?

    If that is the case then why is the collected bug still being presented to transcribers?

    I need to be convinced that all my transcription efforts are worthwhile.


  • Mikerollem by Mikerollem


    please ignore the previous entry, I've just seen a reply to it on a different discussion board.




  • phobia2001 by phobia2001

    Yeah I've never gotten a badge for transcribing on any Notes from Nature database. I want to make sure that the transcriptions are being recorded or if I should wait for bug fixes before continuing to participate! I understand that the team is working hard to fix these issues, and I just want to say thanks for your efforts 😃


  • LG_Price by LG_Price

    I had 2 badges but then they disappeared. I should have 3 badges but now have none.