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Error in Labeling Fungus

  • Windancersong by Windancersong

    I notice when I mark the box to surround the label which has the information I need and then hit start that I am not getting the full label but a either a magnified small portion or else a totally different label, looking handwritten. No matter what I do I seem to only have the option to skip that label which I don't want to do. Please see if this problem can be solved. The other problem with the black thin two bars often cover up vital information and I can't move them, only the fat bar that takes in information. Thanks!.


  • Mr._Kevvy by Mr._Kevvy

    Platform (ie iOS, Windows, Linux) and browser type (ie Chrome, Firefox, IE)?


  • Charyut by Charyut

    Same thing happened to me even though I had marked the entire label. As as a result, I had to leave the date blank, since it was not visible. The label could not be moved around to get to the data or made smaller or larger. Also doesn't allow me to make a note or tag the item for further work. (Platform Mac OS 10.9.4 in Firefox 36.0.1)