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Herbarium popup often too short/narrow

  • HelenBennett57 by HelenBennett57


    Please can the Herbarium popup be made a larger fixed width and height, or (better) be a blown-up version of however much of the screen you put the marquee over? If it's too large for the window, it could be scrollable.

    There are a lot of occasions when the popup is either too short, too narrow, or both, to show all of a label or set of labels. It's frustrating to have to keep closing and reopening popups showing different parts of the specimen.

    I've flagged some of these (by no means all) in the individual object comments and so have other users, sometimes tagged with #marquee, but it's getting kinda tedious.

    Loran C. Anderson's labels are generally too wide or only just fit in the popup. Seeing as his numbers alone run into hundreds of thousands, that's an awful lot of records that are being affected.




  • c196948 by c196948

    I agree with Helen. The fixed size and central location of the popup is really annoying.
    I think there is no technical reason to limit the size and location of the popup.
    The size of modern monitors would allow it to display both images side by side.



  • HelenBennett57 by HelenBennett57

    Thanks Bernard 😃 Although I have now realised that you can use the fixed size popup to your advantage, and just place the top left corner of your marquee - it shaves a few more seconds off each transcription.


  • dankpoet by dankpoet

    Scrollable popup window a must, bizarre that a drawn box of any size and shape comes up the same. Also annoyingly, if you have to move your fixed-sixe box it resets entry field to beginning. Calbug is much more fun mainly because it doesn't have these issues.


  • Frisbe by Frisbe

    Agreed. Very frustrating when half of label gets cut off over and over again.


  • Pingcyclo by Pingcyclo

    I digitized on here for the first time today, and this happened on my second specimen!


  • T-M by T-M

    The same problem sometimes occurs with Macrofungi, as some labels are to wide or to high for the fixed size popup.