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Magnified label/text area is smaller than the square I created by dragging

  • ibclc2 by ibclc2

    I've noticed that when dealing with longer lines of text or with stacks of two or three labels,
    attempts to include all of the text or all of the labels do not result in everything being included
    in the magnified view. Often the square truncates text on the right, or labels at the top. The only
    way to work with this situation is to transcribe part of the text, click OK to save it, close the square,
    create a new square surrounding the missing text, select the field that you want to complete,
    and type the remaining text in the field. I think the magnified text should show all of the text you
    included when you defined the square. (I am using a Windows 7 laptop with the Chrome browser.)
    Can this be fixed?


  • HelenBennett57 by HelenBennett57

    Ditto your frustration. I think the popup is a fixed size. It's not always big enough.


  • Mr._Kevvy by Mr._Kevvy

    I've only noticed this on the top of the marquee, but it's constant... the top of the selection always ends up being about 8 pixels down from where I placed it. I just select that much too high when dragging the marquee so that it ends up where I want it.


  • HelenBennett57 by HelenBennett57 in response to Mr. Kevvy's comment.

    Oh yes, so it is... I'd never noticed that before! I'd thought misplaced tops at home were due to my jittery mouse there, but have just seen it at w*rk using a much more accurate graphics tablet.