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Repetitive entry shortcut?

  • naumovich by naumovich

    When 90% of each row is identical to the next, can you create a new row and only change the data needing changing. When 15 lines are repetitive and I enter the same data over and over, I loose interest and move to another project. Am I missing something?


  • darryluk by darryluk

    What project are you doing 15 lines on?!


  • Panasko by Panasko

    This is situation in birds ledger


  • simonedi by simonedi

    does copy paste not work?


  • wreness by wreness

    A tip, if you're still out there, naumovich - pull up a blank notepad, Wordpad, email screen. Type the data into it that will be repeated (like the species name). Copy it to your clipboard and then just paste it into the log line as you go. Change words here and there as you need to. If you see a lot of " " then you have it made; it'll go fast this way. You won't have to type a lot or type in new info to each line.

    Since I have the attention span of a ferret on a double expresso, I even write the numbers on a scratch pad as I go or mark other scribbles so if I get up to do something, I don't sit down and go O.o Have fun with this, take your time. Pretend we're getting paid $200 a page. Cash. Yeah, that's it.......... 😃