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"OK" button turns red, no data can be put in record Calbug

  • wreness by wreness

    Here's a weird one, wonder if anyone else is getting this?

    If I hit "enter" when the data area is blank instead of hitting "skip", that green "OK" button becomes a red button with a ! in it. No more data can be entered. If you go "back" it doesn't matter. You can't click "skip" or "next record". Basically the whole thing can no longer be typed into. The only way out of the screen is to Skip the entire record. This logs you out, also.

    It's not a crisis by any means, the trick is to just click "skip" if you don't have any data to enter, and don't hit your "enter" assuming it'll just go to the next data entry screen.

    This could make it extra fun. I'm sure of it. 😃


  • joanball by joanball scientist

    If you click inside the field again (for example, if you do this in the date field just click on "Month") , it should go back to green and you will be able to skip or enter info.