Notes From Nature Talk


  • bretarn by bretarn

    is it a way to back and forth with records already done when yu think you've made a mistake?


  • stewjack by stewjack

    No, the fields can be corrected but only before submission. Don't worry about it - multiple transcriptions are recorded and compared. Discrepancies are flagged and double checked. [To err is human ] Even experts are human. Comparing multiple transcriptions is often more accurate than single transcriptions by an expert!


  • nbraker by nbraker

    If we note errors in species names associated with the records should we note the correct spellings in the "other information"field? I am not talking about names on labels, but the species names that are already associated with a record.


  • darryluk by darryluk

    I would mark it in'discuss' with #error and make a note there. Scientists will pick these up and if necessary can amend them.