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Can't stop in middle of page / can't return to complete

  • smj by smj

    I stopped in the middle of a page of entries, but even though I hadn't clicked "finish" (I clicked the "power" icon upper right), program treated it as a completed page and offered no way to return to finish page. I didn't see a warning and think this is something you should alert people to.


  • darryluk by darryluk

    There are ways of moving back in records that you are in the middle of, but not to incomplete records once you 'leave' them. I suppose, if you wanted to check something, you could open the website a second time and leave the other to come back to.


  • cjeffery by cjeffery

    I have a similar issue. I am working on Ornithological. If I get interrupted and am unable to finish a page, if I shut down, I can't seem to go back to the page I started to finish it later. Waaa. I don't get credit for my page!

    Also, it would be such a help to transcribers if there were defaults. For instance, I have to type in the date and batch on every single line, even though it is going to be the same every time. It would be great to have a default from the last line each time. On many, many lines, all I would need to change would be the individual number and the date, instead of typing everything out all over again.