Notes From Nature Talk

Problem after login

  • klaatu by klaatu

    There have been a few times, including today - when I would log in, then hit the "start transcribing" button. That sent me to this page:

    where I would then hit the "collections" button... and nothing happened.

    I can get around the problem by selecting "blog", then hitting the "start transcribing" button on the right side... but one shouldn't have to, and perhaps some might not bother. I find it a minor annoyance, but others might consider it a deterrent.


  • bumishness by bumishness admin

    Hey klaatu, when you try to access, do you see any collections appear? Is it just a mostly blank page? You should see both the SERNEC and Calbug collections available to click on. If you don't, then something went wrong!