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previously-transcribed specimens presented again

  • shireen by shireen

    After transcribing for a while, i quit my browser (Safari), then opened it again and signed back in to and went back to to the Herbarium. I started seeing specimens that I had transcribed before closing my browser. My cookies are only blocked from third parties and advertisers. How do I get new specimens to transcribe. I'm going to stop for now because re-transcribing is a waste of time.


  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver

    First, every specimen is transcribed multiple times, usually by multiple people. Sometimes we will recognize ones we've done ourselves. This is done to create a larger aggregate of data for each field. Sometimes we may even get to correct an earlier transcription. As you've probably seen, many labels are extremely difficult to read, especially the hand-written ones. If there can be some majority of matching answers to a field, hopefully that will be the correct data. If a specimen was only transcribed once, the data could more likely be incorrect.

    Secondly, a more likely cause of Safari (or any other browser) showing you the same page, is its cache. Once a page is viewed, it is stored in the cache where it can be re-viewed much faster than actually being loading via the inter web pipes! Try emptying your browsers cache(s) and see if that helps. The cookies you get from this site don't store which specimens you have seen. First, because that list could reach a very large size. Second because there is no need to record that as described in my first paragraph.

    If you have a newer version of Safari and a Mac, you need to enable the Develop menu to get to the "Empty Caches" item. Prefs->Advanced->checkbox="Show Develop menu in menu bar" (last item in that window). May be the same place in the Windows version.