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Getting logged out

  • marcelv by marcelv

    I log into the system and as soon as I try to access my profile, I get kicked out of the system with a mention that I should login to get to my profile. Everything was fine until yesterday.


  • xairbusdriver by xairbusdriver

    Actually, it's been that way since the beginning, I think. Although yesterday (4/28) one sign-in seemed to 'stick' between different forum pages... that's returned to the 'sign-in' on every new tabbed page today, however. I think the admins are working hard to get the major problems/complaints fixed and they will get around to these frustrating but relatively minor problems later. I might suggest a "password" storage/creation app, however. There are several for just about any OS. And they are extremely important in making your passwords strong. But they also make entering that info only one or two button clicks (rather than typing everything in over and over). 😉


  • othersideoftheriver by othersideoftheriver

    Good grief do I have to sign in more often than I do for my banking! Please figure out some sort of persistent state.

    Mac OS 10.8.3; Safari 6.0.4; AdBlock turned off for *; Ghostery paused for the domain.


  • AllysonWeeks by AllysonWeeks

    I have the same problem, but only with this nature thing